How does the pricing work

What is Nanonets' pricing model?

Nanonets offers monthly subscription plans on a per model basis. 

Each plan sets a limit on the maximum the number of fields that can be captured from an OCR model, or the number of images that can be processed for an IC / OD / IS model. 

Nanonets Pricing Page:

What is a model?

The machine learning model associated with your plan can be an OCR model, Object Detection Model, Image Classification Model, Image Segmentation Model etc. Each model is trained for one kind of use case, for one document type. Every new template of the same document type does not require a new model since we use the magic of machine learning! 

e.g. In order to read invoices and receipts, you will need an Invoice Model and a Receipt Model, and hence you will need two different subscriptions. 

What is a field?

Each field is a key-value pair that you want to capture from the document. e.g. An "Invoice Number" in an invoice is a field. 

What are overages?

Any additional field captured after you've processes the maximum number of fields allowed on your plan is counted as an overage. An overage rate is different for each model type. 

Let's take an example to go over this in detail. 

Let's say you're on the Pro Plan ($499) to use an Invoice model to process 10 fields per invoice. You can then process upto 50,000 fields / month, i.e., upto 5000 invoices / month. In this case, your monthly billing will be $499. 

Say this month, your business grows really well and your AP team processes 6000 invoices using Nanonets API. In this case you will be charged overages at $0.01 / field / page. Your overages for this month will be equal to $0.01*10*1000 = $100. Your total billing this month shall be $499 + $100 = $599. 

For the next month, your volume and billing will be reset to default, i.e., you can process 50,000 fields and will be charged $499. 

The pricing works similarly across all model types and document types - OCR, object detection, image segmentation, multi-label classification etc. 

How can I check the bills due? How can I clear them?

To check and download your invoices, sign into your account and head over to the "Billing" tab. You can also pay the invoices by using the Pay option. 

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