How is the Price of Table / Line Items Extraction Calculated?

How is Line Item Extraction Priced?

Like other fields (pricing for fields), line items are also priced at $0.01/Column. Where each Column to be extracted is treated as one field

Is every cell in a line item counted as a field?

No. Each cell is not counted as a field. 1 column is counted as a field, the number of rows doesn't change the price.

So, if I have 5 rows, and 6 columns in a document, and I have only 4 columns of interest. How do I get billed for 6 columns?
You're billed only for 4 columns. i.e. $0.04/page.

What if one out of those 4 columns of interest is not on a few pages? Do I still get billed $0.04?
Yes. You get billed $0.04. The pricing is dependent on the number of columns in the model, not the number of columns extracted in a particular page. 

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