How is the price of one page counted

Upto 5 fields in the Model

The price is $0.05 per page for upto 5 fields. Therefore the $499 plan includes 10,000 pages if there are 5 fields or less. Once the 10,000 Pages are exhausted, you would be billed at $0.05/Additional Page

More than 5 fields in the Model

If there are more than 5 fields in the Model, the cost is calculated at $0.01/field/page. On the $499 plan there are 50,000 fields available. So if there are 7 fields in the model on the $499 plan there would be 50,000/7 = 7,143 Pages available. Or if there are 10 fields 50,000/10 = 5,000 Pages would be available.

If the model has 7 fields after the 50,000 fields on the $499 plan are exhausted overages will be charged at $0.07/Page if there are 10 fields it will be charged at $0.10/Page

Are fields counted depending on how many fields are in the model or how many fields were extracted?

Fields are counted depending on the number of fields in a Model, not how many fields were found in an Image. If there are 7 fields in a Model and 5 were found in a page the cost would be $0.07 not $0.05. If there were 10 fields found on the page (one of the fields appearing multiple times) in that case the cost would still be $0.07 not $0.10.

How are Pages/Images/Documents Counted?

Let's assume the model has 5 fields. One Image is counted as a single Page and would cost $0.05. If there is a document with 5 pages it is counted as 5 separate pages and would cost $0.05*5 = $0.25.

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