How do I enable a 7-day free trial for the pro plan?

Follow the below steps, to get started with a free trial for the pro-plan. On the free trial, you can access all the features on the pro plan. 


Our Fair Usage Policy allows for a maximum of 4 Free Retrains and processing of upto 500 pages on the Pro Trial. 

1. Create / Pick a model - Start with creating a new model or pick a pre-trained model of your choice on

2. Manage your model - Go to the My Models Section in your account and click on manage button in the plans column.

3. Start Free Trial - Click on the "Start Free Pro Trial" button highlighted in red. The plan will show you the exact date until which you can use your the trial plan for free. 

4. Adding Payment Method - If you do not have a payment method on file, you may have to add one. The screen to add a payment method looks like the one shown below. Just put in your credit card details and you can get started with the trial.


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