How to use Nanonets Bulk Uploader

Following are the steps to use nanonets bulk uploader1. Download for target Operating System

1. Download Application

Download for Windows  

Download for MacOS

For MacOS Users

After running Nanonets-bulk-uploader for the first time, it won't run on MacOS due to privacy changes introduced in Catalina. So for mac users, do the following steps

    a. Open Nanonets Bulk Uploader
    b. Close the Nanonets Bulk Uploader
    c. Open `Security and Privacy` in `Settings` and choose the Open Anyway option

2. Enter Input fields

After opening the application, you have to fill 3 input fields

a. Folder - This is the folder where the images that you want to bulk upload are present. This only includes files in the folder. Not files in subfolders

If you select the folder /Desktop/FolderA/ and it has subfolders SubfolderB, SubfolderC (/Desktop/FolderA/SubfolderB) only the file /Desktop/FolderA/a1.jpg and /Desktop/FolderA/a2.jpg will be included but /Desktop/FolderA/SubfolderB/b.jpg,  /Desktop/FolderA/SubfolderC/c.jpg will not be included

b. App ID - You can fetch the application ID from -

c. API Key - You can get the API key from here -

3. Progress

Once the fields are filled, please click Go! You'll be able to monitor progress as well

4. Export Results 

Once the processing is complete, you can go to your model and export the results as expected

a. Go to
b. Expand the model card and click `Go to Model`
c. Select the images you want to export and then select Export To from the bottom right

d. If you have a custom export format, please select the csv option and you're all done!  

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