Can I integrate Nanonets into UiPath to optimize RPA workflows?

Nanonets' AI data capture solution enables UiPath bots to execute end-to-end document processing operations automatically. This saves you the time and cost of hardcoding new rules into your RPA workflows for new document layouts. Nanonets' AI reads any document type like a human and delivers the data UiPath’s robots need to complete their work. You can complete the integration in as little as 15 minutes then train the AI to recognize new formats, making it more accurate with continued use. Alternatively, you can use a model that's already exists in our product universe. 

Prebuilt integration allows you to integrate Nanonets and UiPath in 15 minutes. All you need to do is sign up with Nanonets. You can also count on the Nanonets team to set up your integration quickly. To get started, drop an email to

Here is a quick video tutorial - 

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